SAIEM System Integrator is born from the growing demand of the market to have a single loyal supplier able to offer them a complete turnkey service, from the technical solution, design, realization, installation and future assistance.

The task of the system integrator is to make different plants dialogue with each other in order to create a new functional structure that can synergistically use the potential of the original plants and thus creating features that were not originally present. System integrators can work in different fields, but the term was born in the context of Theconologies, Automation and Industrial Robotics.

Our goal is to provide on request robotic systems and automations to complement our customers:

  • Lay-out development and technical solution
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design
  • Plant construction and pre-testing at our headquarters
  • Installation
  • Start-up and End Customer Testing
  • Certification and Manuals According to Current Regulations