SAIEM Electrical System has always been committed to the production of products of excellent quality, made with care and in compliance with delivery times, communicating with the customer so as to be able to satisfy every request. The quality of the products made is guaranteed by the testing procedures of the assembled electrical panels. The work of technicians is not just about new machinery: operators are able to update obsolete automations.


Our team of electricians is always operating in the workshop! Every day the panels are assembled manually with care and attention: PLC, inverters, cables and anything inside are arranged so that the machine and operator can work in total safety. Buttons and selectors are chosen and positioned so that they are comfortable for those who need to use them. The keyboard position is also designed to be as functional as possible. We are ready to meet the requests of our customers in order to ensure optimal operation of the machine!

Electrical diagrams are designed in offices by specialized technicians. Once the electrical diagram of a machine has been realized, the project passes to the workshop where the electricians manually make the painting. Each panel is designed in such a way as to contain PLC, inverters and any other device, ensuring their correct operation and, at the same time, the safety of the operator who will use the machine.


In the offices our programmers are specialized in the realization of PROGRAMS FOR PCs and PLCs and in the creation of synoptic functionals to be combined with your machine, in the programming of inverters and robots. Once assigned a job, the programmer studies the machine so that it can develop software suitable for its operation. A suitable keyboard is then selected and the synoptic is created. Everything is tried in the office first and on site by the customer then, so that the work cycle is correct and constant. With its team of programmers, SAIEM specializes in the creation of PC and PLC software (Omron, Siemens, Allen – Bradley, CMZ, Kernel). All programs are designed ad hoc to best meet the needs of the customer and are made in such a way that they can be easily modified in the future.

In the company, programmers also take care of the design of monitoring and supervision systems for the correct operation of any type of industrial plant. The software part, supported by an ad hoc hardware part, allows the customer to manage their plant intuitively and, at the same time, to intervene in a targeted way in case of anomalies. SAIEM creates PC programs for real-time control and management of plants including the status of ceramic ovens. Each program is different depending on the type of plant and the customer's requests.