"A small entrepreneurial activity, which in forty years of activity has grown day by day, acquiring increasingly solid and diversified skills, until it becomes a large company and above all a real point of reference in all the sectors in which it operates. The path followed by Saiem since its foundation in 1979 is emblematic of how you can do business successfully when working with passion, competence and wiseness".

Il Corriere della Sera, 28/06/2019


SAIEM was founded in 1979 in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, to dedicate itself to the sector of industrial plants for ceramics: initially the company had 5 artisans and operated as a worker, but always with the aim of building a solid and autonomous reality. In 1985 the first warehouse was purchased and this allows the company - still a small company - to transfer the business inside, dedicating itself to the wiring of electrical panels. A further evolution occurs in the early nineties, when the Company began to dedicate itself to the construction of electrical systems controlled by PLC: the electrical diagrams, first assembled by hand, are now built through special software. Since then, forty years of activity during which SAIEM has been able to grow more and more, up to be the solid and well-established reality that it is today. Meanwhile, a constant path of growth and evolution that have led a small artisan company to become a real point of reference in all the sectors in which it operates. Today the company offers its customers - increasingly international - a wide range of services, ranging from the design and implementation of PC and PLC software to the development and wiring of electrical panels for industrial machinery, operating in the Food, Ceramic, Concrete, Bituminous, Wood, Agricultural and Nursery sectors.



As a small artisan company, SAIEM is today a leader in the industrial automation sector: our machines are designed, manufactured and installed by us among our customers, in Italy and in the rest of the world. Our clientele is increasingly international and we are constantly looking to the future. We are present in the most important trade fairs and sector events with the aim of expanding our customers more and more.


  • Research and development of automated machines
  • Increase and improve design tasks
  • Creation of partnerships with international companies to consolidate our presence in the different sectors



Today SAIEM has more than 50 employees and internal and external collaborators. Whether you have to power a machine, upgrade a PLC program, operate a plant or need help in the electrical field, SAIEM can always count on a group of operators available and prepared to meet every need. Staff with electromechanical training can intervene both in the industrial and civil sectors. The interventions may concern both the installation of new plants and the updating and/or repair of existing plants. Staff with COMPUTER training can intervene on various types of PLC, PC, HMI, ROBOT and COBOT with regard to the brands managed by the company, namely OMRON, SIEMENS, CMZ, KITE, WEINTEK, KERNEL, SCHNEIDER, ABB, KUKA and FANUC. Personnel with mechanical training can intervene on any type of machine, taking care of the assembly of the various components and installation on site, as well as the updating and /or modification of existing machinery