"The 40th anniversary of the company today is certainly a satisfying result and a very ambitious goal, achieved thanks to hard work. Over the years, the company has been able to evolve, always adapting to the different situations that the labour market offered, with the aim of responding in full to the needs and demands of its customers. In doing so, SAIEM knew and was able to stay healthy. SAIEM is the result of hard work and a commitment that has lasted for forty years. Having said that, it is not easy to define in a few words who or what SAIEM is because it is a reality that has changed forever and continuously. Surely we can say that our company deals with 360-degree electrical systems, having as a core business automations. Over the years our goal has always been to fully meet the needs of our customers. This has led the company to constantly evolve, embracing new and different horizons compared to that of the ceramics from which we started. The ceramics sector, like every other production sector, has experienced times of crisis during the years: in these times of difficulty, SAIEM has been able to look further, aiming at other sectors. In this way, it transforms a moment of difficulty in the event of growth and evolution, expanding more and more its knowledge and skills, as well as its customers”.

Pietro Casolari & Davis Ferrari

1979-2019: Forty years of activity, challenges, innovation, commitment and professionalism

SAIEM has been working for over forty years to transform an idea into a solid business, constantly growing turnover, employees, operating spaces, business sectors, customers and markets.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary, a ceremony was held at which SAIEM was present all over the world: owners, employees, suppliers, collaborators and customers
Relive with us the emotions of that evening!


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