Our Plants

We have been engaged in the activation of plants of any industrial sector for years.

We deal with the whole phase of development and creation of software and electrical connections, working with care and attention on construction sites all over the world.

We have documented our latest work in Taranto (Italy) for our customer Calitec s.r.l.

Discover what we have created!

Software development

The customer asked for a cement production plant.

We have studied and implemented a program for the control of the various tapes, bitumen tanks, valves, burner and many other components.

Then we have created the synoptics for keyboards and computers, so that the operator has the ability to manage all the information he needs and the ability to make the system work better.













Construction of the electrical panel

The electrical panel is large, because of the amount of devices it must contain.

Inside there are a PLC equipped with 6 input modules and 5 output modules, a fan, 10 inverters and many other components!

No difficulty for our technicians who have created an excellent product respecting safety standards, thanks to years of experience.

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 17 at 13.54.32WhatsApp Image 2018 04 17 at 13.54.36Plants Quadro











Transport of the material to the customer

We take care of on-site delivery to the customer and installation of the electrical panel.

Our vehicles are always active and our operators are always ready to deliver material as quickly as possible.












Work on the field

We worked day and night directly on the field, to ensure the correct operation of the plant.

The intervention lasted 6 days and, in case of future changes or needs, we installed the module for the remote connection, so we can make improvements to the software from our offices.

We are always ready for any eventuality!

WorkWork 2Work 3














Once the system is complete, various tests are performed and a complete production cycle is tested.

Here is the result of our efforts!


  Impianto 1Impianto 2Impianto 3Impianto 4





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