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Whether you need to feed a machine, upgrade a PLC program, manage a plant or need help in the electric field, our operators are available and prepared.

Welcome to contact Us, SAIEM is happy to provide you with your services! 

Find out with us what they are..

Construction of Electrical Panels



Our electrician team is always working in the workshop!

Every day the switchboards are manually assembled with care and attention: PLC, inverter, cables and anything inside are arranged in such a way that machine and operator can work in total safety.

Buttons and selectors are chosen and positioned so that they are comfortable for those who need to use them.

The keyboard position is also designed to be as functional as possible.

We are ready to meet the demands of our customers in order to ensure optimum operation of the machine!

Creation Of Software Programs



In the offices our programmers are specialized in the realization of programs for PC and PLC, in the creation of functional synoptic to be combined with your machine, and the realization of programs for the operation of the robots.

Once assigned to a contract, the programmer studies the operation of the machine so that it can develop a software suitable for its operation.

The appropriate keyboard is then selected and the synoptic is created.

The whole is tried in the office first, and in the seat by the customer then, so that the work cycle is correct and constant.

On-Site Assistance



Our programs and our paintings are used by machines all over the world.

Italy, Europe, Asia, America.. Wherever you need a modification or a repair operation with our customers, the technicians are always ready to leave to provide assistance!

We also have vans for the transport of heavy loads.




Remote Assistance on PC and PLC



For any urgency in a PC or PLC program that needs to be resolved as soon as possible, you can call us to receive Remote assistance.

A technician will connect to the machine directly from the offices, so as to solve the problem as if it were in place!






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