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SAIEM has always been committed to the production of high quality products, made with care and speed, communicating with the customer so you can satisfy every request.

Discover with us what we do..

Diagrams and Electrical Panels



In our offices the wiring diagrams are studied and designed by specialized technicians.

Once the diagram of a machine has been realized, the project goes to the workshop where the electricians build the electrical panels manually.

Each panel is designed so that it can contain PLC, inverter and any other device, ensuring proper operation and safety by the operator.



Upgrading used machine



We program axis control systems by customizing the software according to the customer's needs.

We can offer assistance in a short time even remotely via telephone line or Internet.

We are equipped for the supply of drives, Brushless Motors, direct current, linear, asynchronous, encoder to improve or update the functionality of the machine in your possession.




PLC Programming



We carry out the design and realization of Preogrammi PLC of various manufacturers:
Omron, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, CMZ, Kernel and many more..

Our programs are designed and built in such a way that they are easily editable even in the future, if the customer needs changes or updates




Supervision Systems 



We program supervision systems of transport lines, enamelling lines, dosing units, machinery for loading of industrial materials and other plants.

This thanks to the realization of effective synoptic control, with a simple and elegant graphics, that allow the customer to manage their system in an intuitive way.




Ceramic Furnace Plant Management



We create PC programs for the control and management of the state of the furnaces for ceramic systems in real time.

Each program is different depending on the type of installation and the customer's requests.

There are many functions, such as the adjustment of temperatures and speed trains in real time, the management of burner switching on/off through the cooking curve, the management and control of furnace production data, gas consumption data and much more!




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