SAIEM is a company founded in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, in 1979.
Born as a small business, over the years we have grown and matured, to become a point of reference in the field.

What are we dealing with?

Over time we have gained a great deal of experience in various fields.

From the installation of the power circuits up programming of the system of supervision of the plants in the ceramic sector.

Programming of packaging and packaging machines in the food sector in general.

Machines for weighing and dosing the concrete and much more!

Where are we?

Our headquarters is in Sassuolo (MO), 41049, Italy

Via dei Fabbri, 9,

Future projects?

Our company is always growing!

At this moment a construction site is being set up in which extend our production area.

We have also increased the number of company cars, so that we can always be available in any case.

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