"A small entrepreneurial activity, which has grown day by day, acquiring increasingly solid and diversified skills, to become a large company and a real reference point in all the sectors in which it operates. Saiem's journey begun in 1979 and it's emblematic of how you can do business successfully when working with passion, expertise and wisdom".

Il Corriere della Sera, 28/06/2019




SAIEM was founded in 1979 in Sassuolo, in Italy, to dedicate itself to the industrial ceramics sector: initially the company had 5 artisans and operated as a labor provider, but always with the aim of building a solid and autonomous reality. Since then, forty years of activity during which SAIEM has been able to grow more and more, to the point of becoming the solid and well-established reality that it is today.

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SAIEM deals with 360-degree electrical systems, with the automation, industrial and civil sectors as its core business. Whether you need to power a machine, upgrade a PLC program, run a plant, or need help in the electrical field, SAIEM can always rely on operators available and prepared to meet every need. Our technicians offer on-site assistance as quickly as possible, as well as remote assistance directly from our offices.

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SAIEM has always been committed to the creation of high quality products, made with care and respecting delivery times, communicating with the customer so that we can meet every request. The quality of the products made is guaranteed by the testing procedures of the assembled electrical panels. The work of the technicians is not just about new machinery: operators are able to update obsolete automations.

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The production process that leads to the realization of our products is the result of the efforts of multiple departments. a software is studied and developed by programmers to control the various components of the system, the electrical panel is created by the technicians in order to meet the safety standards and ensure the proper operation of the machine. Transport and fieldwork are carried out with the utmost precision and in the shortest time possible.

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40Anni40 Years of SAIEM

The 40th anniversary of the company is certainly a satisfying result and a very ambitious goal, achieved thanks to hard work. Over the years, the company has been able to evolve, always adapting to the different situations that the labour market offered, with the aim of responding in full to the needs and demands of its customers. In doing so, SAIEM knew and was able to stay healthy at all per time.

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OrganizzazioneOur Organization

SAIEM is a company that, thanks to experience and reliability, has managed to establish itself in the Italian and international industrial market. The customer portfolio is growing year on year and includes the industry's leading leaders. To better meet the needs of the market and to offer a complete service to its customers, SAIEM takes care of the entire production process and does so through three separate companies: SAIEM, BBF and DiEffePi. 

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 Where Are We?

Our office is in Via dei Fabbri, 9

Sassuolo (MO), 41049, Italia

How To Contact Us?

If you want more information or need assistance, please feel free to contact us..

We are pleased to welcome you from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 until 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.

You can come and visit us in person, or browse our contact page where you will find telephone numbers and mails.



We are sponsor of Idea Volley Sassuolo, which next year will participate in the A2 Women's Volleyball Championship League